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System25 Evolution

The System25 Evolution store shelving increases space, boosts sales within your store. All System25 shelving comes in a larger number of sizes.

System25 Evolution, a step forward in the optimisation of spaces within the store, offers a single back panel solution which reduces the space occupied by the fittings. Its use can therefore deliver:
 - more space for merchandising
 - wider aisles
 - greater convenience for the consumer

Thanks to this system, which maintains the same structural load capacities, today all System25 shelving comes in a larger number of sizes, ideal for stores’ varying space requirements, especially in proximity formats.

System25 Evolution, featuring particularly quick assembly, comprises a full range of structural elements: new columns, new brackets, new shelves and new back panels.

Columns of 6 x 3, 9 x 3, 10.5 x 3 cm

All brackets offer a choice of 2 or 3 slant settings

Shaped or monoblock shelves

All back panels have height 45 cm

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